Camille N. Isaacs Morell


Committed to the promotion of dementia prevention and risk mitigation, Camille joined Hope for Dementia in March 2021, having witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on her father and the high burnout rate of caregivers during her career in the health insurance and healthcare sectors.   

Fati Davoudi

Executive Director

Passionate about seniors, Fati Davoudi wanted to contribute concretely to the well-being of vulnerable seniors in the community.  She actively contributes to the recruitment of volunteers, the delivery of services, and fundraising at Hope for Dementia.

Parsa Famili


Having seen and lived through the debilitating effects of Dementia on his aunt and other friends and family, Parsa Famili founded the Hope for Dementia charity in 2015 to raise awareness about early detection and prevention of degenerative cognitive disorders. 

Susan Cleary


Having lost her father to Dementia, after watching his decline over the course of a decade, Susan Cleary volunteers her time with Hope for Dementia to further the cause in the prevention of dementia and hopes that one day there will be a cure.


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